Selected as one of the "100 Textile Industry Companies for the Next Generation"

Selected as one of the “100 Textile Industry Companies for the Next Generation” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


About the “100 Textile Industry Companies for the Next Generation”

The textile industry in Japan is facing significant changes in the environment surrounding manufacturing sites, such as a shortage of workers and an increase in overseas production bases (import penetration of the domestic market in the textile industry is 98% on a volume basis). In addition, many textile-related companies are experiencing declining sales due to reduced opportunities to go out of the office as a result of the spread of the new type of coronavirus.

In addition, in recent years, the textile industry has been required to address sustainability issues such as responsible supply chain management and the promotion of a circular economy, which is expanding not only to apparel companies but also to various other companies in the supply chain.
At the same time, while adapting to these changes in the environment, new initiatives are also spreading, such as the creation of added value by taking advantage of a company’s superior technological and design capabilities, direct-to-consumer (DtoC) sales by OEM manufacturers, the launch of original brands by companies in production areas, and entry into overseas markets. The textile industry is also expanding its activities.

In light of these changes in the environment of the textile industry, the direction the industry should take and future policies were compiled in May of this year as the “Vision for the Textile Industry toward 2030 (Textile Vision). The textile industry will pursue policies in five main areas, including the promotion of sustainability and the development of novel businesses and services.

In these areas, we will publicize the “100 Textile Industry Companies for the Next Generation” so that companies with outstanding technology and design capabilities, as well as companies that are making excellent efforts, can attract the attention and interest of the public and promote further new partnerships and product development.