OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturing

Exceeding the designer's expectations Making creative suggestions

We would like to meet the needs of customers' designers with creative unique cut&sewn factory. What is the material that fits this design? The beauty of appearance, of course, how to improve comfort, pattern technology and sewing technology to keep the silhouette beautiful? Material, design, pattern, sewing. We will help create an even more sophisticated design by combining the elaborate clothing making and the designer's sensibility.

Repeat improvement Establish a complete production system

About 35 years ago, we introduced T.S.S (Toyota Sewing System) as the first Japanese cut&sewn manufacturer. We control the materials, planning, patterns, production and quality control at the head office, and support wide variety products with small lots.
So called. Small meetings are held daily to pursue a better production management system. By identifying issues and problems in each process and accumulating improvements, we are constantly working to improve quality and improve efficiency.

Recognized by world famous brands Quality of relief and trust

For about 70 years since its inception, we have worked on many national and international famous brand products. Currently, about 500,000 pieces of OEM products are produced annually. While based at its own factory, CUCIRE Corporation in Chiba Prefecture, it also produces at domestic factories and Vietnam factories. Vietnam factory that has been thoroughly technical guidance provided since 2006, has now reached the same quality as made in Japan. We will respond flexibly to customers and various needs changing with the times, making use of the know-how cultivated through our abundant experience.

Process of OEM business

  • Specifications design
  • Meeting

    The person in charge who has excellent know-how of the clothes making and the knowledge of cut&sewn products, will correspond carefully to the consultation and the request. Tokyo Head Office staff member will take care of.

  • Material development・Proposal

    For each product, we propose the best material to fit your design. Depending on the products and requirement, we may work from original material development.

  • Design development

    While taking consideration of the needs of client designers, we propose a myriad of approaches to further enhance the design. We will create the best products with the designer by utilizing the technology and presentation as a cut&sewn factory.

  • Pattern making

    An experienced pattern-maker who is familiar with the elasticity and sewing technology of the fabrics is available. We create optimum patterns collaborating with the technical person in charge with advanced sewing technology and best knowledge.

  • Sample making

    We try on the staff that is similar to the image of the customer who wears, and repeat improvements based on the feedback. We improve the quality of our first sample by finding it to the point where it makes sense.

  • Mass production at factory
  • Cutting

    As per the specification, cut the fabric and divide it into each part.

  • Sewing

    Using sewing technology that makes use of materials and design, we sew carefully to the details. Depending on the product, we may use several types of sewing machines and suggest the optimum sewing specifications for each part.

  • Finish / Inspection / Ironing

    Remove dust and lint, iron and finish. Depending on the product, a veteran sewing engineer / technical manager may perform a quality check. Beautifully packaged and ready for delivery.

  • Delivery

    Deliver the finished product. Strict checks are conducted at the factory / head office to prevent delivery errors.