Constant research and development DNA of SEIKO that still lives

The founder, Seiji Omi, is a chemist who has a passion for research and development and has opened up the possibility of knitted products.
Dissatisfied with the current situation, repeated research and development, continue to innovate. Create new clothes and repaint himself.
Taking over from the founder's DNA and evolve further, we have launched a "manufacturing project" internally, and we are working on new product development today.

From the material to the sewing Making clothes that are integrated all in one

What is the making of clothes that can only be elaborately done by SEIKO?
We have always been asking this questions.
One answer that has arrived. That is, material, design, pattern, sewing, everything is united and the ultimate one is completed. Examine the material that matches the design, and draw a pattern while considering its characteristics and sewing. Polite sewing to the details to produce a beautiful silhouette. We can do what we can only because we know clothes making. With pride as a cut&sewn factory in mind, we will continue to pursue “making elaborate clothes”.

Particular about raw materials Original material development by SEIKO

Texture, touch, durability and dyeing method ... all are verified, and the best material is proposed for each product. The materials are particular of it’s origin , and only those that meet strict quality standards are adopted. Some products may be developed independently from yarn stage.
In order to search for better materials suitable for cut&sewn products, we are working on the discovery of raw materials not only in Japan but also in India and around the world.

Apply to details Craftsmanship and advanced technology

Pattern technology that has been cultivated in about 70 years of results and research, sewing technology of the craftsman who has continued to polish. Combine the two to create a blissful fit and a three-dimensional, beautiful silhouette.
Create samples with pattern technology that takes into consideration the stretchability of the material and sewing technology.
Repeat fitting and improvement until it becomes satisfied and increase the degree of perfection.
Making use of materials and design, the craftsmen who understand the intention of the pattern sew carefully to the details.
The skill of the craftsman is poured freely into the place where it can’t be seen, and the design is made to shine even more. This is our philosophy.

In a “manufacturing project” To master making clothes

We would like to master "making elaborate clothes" more.
We want to face the designer and nurture the creative power to enhance the design.
With this concept in mind, we set up a "manufacturing project" in-house. Professionals in each department are working to develop new products every day to establish creative clothing making from materials to sewing.
From T-shirts to jackets, pants, cut&sewn full items and development of suitable materials.
Through further enhancing of creativity, we aim to be Japan's best cut&sewn factory.